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Music Ministry

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Eric Lorenzen

Worship music is a welcome addition in any church, but we believe it's more than simply an opening act before the sermon. From the musicians on stage and the tech volunteers in the balcony, to the members of the congregation  singing their hearts out or humming along, worship music is a way for everyone in church to come together in harmony before God. Our Music Ministry plays on Sunday with the goal of creating a welcoming atmosphere of worship that celebrates the Word of God and fellowship with our fellow Christians.

Praise and Worship

Our Mission Is To Magnify And Glorify Jesus Christ In Everything We Do

The mission of the Music Ministry is to facilitate the fulfillment of the overall mission and vision of this church through the delivery of: 

  • Spiritual and spirit-led music that enhances the worship service.

  • Music that edifies, inspires, and challenges the body of Christ to experience Him on a personal level.

  • Christ-centered music that boldly shares the Good News with the lost.

  • Training that equips, empowers, and enables others to grow and realize their full potential in Christ.​

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