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Church - It’s not about you.


It’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself.


Faith isn’t about us. It’s not about being entertained, or getting everything you think you need to be happy. Faith is about being a part of something special. Something that matters. Something bigger than any us. Faith is about discovering what God is like, and how His love for all His people brings us together in varied and sometimes unexpected ways.

Maybe you'll introduce the next generation to Jesus, connecting with others as they discover God and grow in faith alongside you. Maybe you'll help those struggling with grief or battling with addiction.


You might become part of a basketball ministry that reaches out to young men who might not ever hear the good news otherwise. Or you might use the talents the Lord has gifted you to help support the church in running our many ministries, from Community Groups and Bible studies to Sunday morning worship and praise.


You could help our community by volunteering to work at our Food Bank, the largest all-volunteer foodbank in the state. You could even help global communities by building homes in Mexico, or supporting our missions in India, Tanzania, and Uganda. Perhaps even travelling there yourself to lend a hand.

Faith isn’t about discovering yourself. It’s about discovering God, His love for us all, and knowing that you can be a part of the amazing things He is doing.


If you're looking for somewhere to be entertained, or to be told how and why Faith is about you, Crossroads might not be the best fit.


However, if you're looking to be part of something greater, to help uplift others while growing in your faith and understanding of God, then this is the place for you.

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