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Welcome to Crossroads

We're hiring a new Lead Pastor!

Located in northeast Portland, Crossroads is a place where everyone is welcome to worship God and explore the transforming grace of a personal relationship with Him.

The Crossroads congregation is a diverse and engaged community, committed to serving God and one another. We look forward to meeting you and hope you'll join us this Sunday!



Sunday Service

Service begins at 10:00am

Birds & Lilies

February 25th, 2024

We live in a world that many times seems like being in a pressure cooker. How much time, effort, and money should I spend earning a living, serving in Christian ministry, praying, studying the Bible, doing things with my family and even having fun and relaxation? This  sermon will address these issues, not with specific absolute answers but with general  guidelines that give us a godly perspective and a way to have peace while in the pressure cooker.

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