Vacation Bible School
July 25–29 (Monday–Friday evenings) / 6:00–8:30 p.m.

We are so excited about VBS this year! Kids, get ready to road trip with us as we head out for Ocean Commotion, where we’ll dive into Noah’s Flood and learn important life lessons from Noah such as: Standing for God (even if it means standing alone); Obeying God (no matter what); Trusting God (He’s a life saver); Thanking God (in everything); Fearing God (taking Him seriously). It promises to be a boatload of fun every jam-packed evening!

God Created oceans on Day 3 of Creation Week when He separated the dry land from the water. But today’s ocean basins are the result of Noah’s Flood! When you splash in the ocean, you’re touching the same water that covered the world over 4,000 years ago! Come find out more about God’s oceans and Noah’s Flood at this summer’s VBS – Ocean Commotion!

Registration is now open on Sunday mornings at the Surf Shack (located in the lobby) and online at
If you have questions, need more information or would like to volunteer to help with VBS please contact Kristiana McCarthy at: