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The Outlet

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Out of the wide range of experiences God's beautiful world has to offer us, being a teenager might just be one of the strangest. What's expected of teenagers changes dramatically over the course of just a few years, and then there are  those  other  changes. Add on to that an increased awareness of the world, and all the questions that brings with it, and it's an understandably confusing time in anyone's life. That's why the The Outlet focuses on helping teenagers figure out the adjustment from being a Christian kid to a man or woman of God. 

Middle School

What a fun, awkward, rewarding, frustrating time of life! Middle school is marked with so many changes – more responsibilities, more opportunities, starting to mature and become an individual. Plus hormones. Our ministry wants to provide our middle school students the opportunity to mature – both as followers of Jesus and as individuals – without giving into the pressure of “growing up too fast”. We want our middle school students to see what it means to be a follower of Jesus for them, in their world. Crossroads Student Ministries fully believes that our middle school students can have an active, growing, vibrant faith all of their own, and we want to help them discover and learn what it looks like to be a middle school student who follows Jesus.

High School

High school students are forced to walk a tightrope – they are expected to be adults and be “kids” at the same time. As someone has said, “We tell students to act their age and then get upset with them when they do.” If middle school is marked with changes, high school could almost be defined by it.

Our hope, as a ministry, is to help students walk that tightrope and to discover what it means to follow Jesus during this time in their lives. We want our students to see that Jesus is relevant to their lives and satisfies them at this time, and not just when they are younger…or older. We believe that high school students can become fully devoted followers of Christ, here and now, and can reach their peers with the good news of Jesus Christ.