June is historically the month of celebration as school draws to a close for summer break. You are apt to hear giggles, see smiles galore and maybe even witness a happy dance or two. The students are almost as happy as those teachers and staff you see celebrating!

Last year we were able to help the teachers at Prescott Elementary School start their summer with a team effort and they were so appreciative that they still talk about how nice it was to have us there.  We have the same opportunity this year and I’d ask you to consider “Answering the Call” to help our local community.

Many of the teachers have to pack up their entire classrooms to be stored for cleaning or moved to another room next year. There are a variety of things they need help with and many of them don’t require heavy lifting at all so don’t let this seem daunting. 

Please sign up at the Welcome Center in the lobby on Sunday. They need people any time from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, June 18th and Tuesday, June 19th. You can come for 30 minutes or stay for hours either or both days.

Prescott Elementary School, 10410 NE Prescott Street