Kerala Christ Church Mission (KCCM)

John & Kunjamma Gabriel

Following his salvation in 1963 John Gabriel began sharing the gospel in India. In 1979 he began training two other men to help share in his growing ministry. In 1981 a leadership training program was started. KCCM was born out of this growing ministry. In 1984 John and his wife Kunjamma started an English School with 32 students. From these beginnings the ministry has grown over the years. There are now over 40 churches and they are expanding into new areas. The school has 2150 students who hear the Gospel of Jesus every day. The India Children’s Village (orphanage) has room for over 100 orphans. Over 50 pastors have been mentored and are now leading in the churches that have been planted. God is truly at work in India!

There are many opportunities to become involved in KCCM including sponsoring an orphan or pastor, supporting the school and joining us on a mission trip to India. Your prayers are very important to us as well.

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