Crossroads Food Bank - Food Drive / Sunday, February 15th

The Crossroads Food Bank is an outreach ministry that provides food to those in need of assistance. It is a fantastic way for us to show the love of Christ to our community and meet a practical need. Approximately 20,000 lb. of food is distributed from the food bank each month.

On Sunday, February 15th we will be collecting food and special donations for the food bank ministry. Food may be placed on the sides of the stage. To make a special donation, please write “food bank” on a giving envelope and place your donation in an offering box. Donations are used to purchase food from the Oregon Food Bank at deeply discounted prices.

Below is a list of the items we would like to collect on February 15th:
Rice, oatmeal, canned fruits and canned vegetables (The food bank particularly needs these items right now)