He Answered the Call


This week, I want to introduce you to someone you may not have met yet - Christian Johnson, our new Director of Guest Experiences. Some think he blazed the path to Crossroads for Pastor Chris and Debbi Blair.  The Johnsons moved here from Powell Butte in October 2015 just 2 months prior to the Blairs.  After living in Bend for almost 20 years, they moved to Portland specifically to pursue his hospitality career - Christian, I bet you didn't realize it would be at church!

Christian and his wife Melisse both worked in hospitality/guest services. While this was Christian's first hotel job he decided he'd rather pursue a relationship with his new boss than to keep the job so he took a different job so they were free to date. They married in October 2012. Before long, their family grew and they welcomed Sam who is 4 and Henley, the newest member of the family at just 5 months old.

As if being a husband, dad to two small children and working a very busy hotel job isn't enough to keep him busy, he does enjoy hiking, exploring, cooking and anything that includes his family. I thought about testing that by inviting the family to "explore" my yard for weeds and "hike" around it mowing but I think he'd suspect something was up. I would have let him cook also!

He does have some favorite sports teams, but they aren't all local so be sure to offer grace and kindness to him. He is a huge sports nut (his words) and while his basketball team is the Blazers, he goes with San Francisco for football and baseball.

While his dream has him returning to Bend some day, the heart of serving is clearly evident. His hope is to open his own food truck but to incorporate a homeless outreach with it, feeding and spending time with the homeless.

While Christian grew up in the church and volunteered playing bass guitar on the worship team during high school, this is his first step into volunteering as an adult. My guess is that his two beautiful children have kept him hopping, but Christian, we welcome you to this season of serving.

Please stop by the Welcome Center in the lobby and say hi, welcome them to Crossroads if you haven't met yet and thank him for "Answering the Call." It takes a LOT of people to cover Guest Experiences, ask him where he needs help.