Volunteers in Action

The following note was written by Alaina Romanielllo, a volunteer at the Crossroads Food Bank and tells of a wonderful act of love, compassion and service as she witnessed it. Thank you Alaina for sharing this story of love in action.


AMAZING ....... I think most of you know I volunteer at my church food bank. One of our men volunteers had to have a pacemaker last week. Unable to lift much, he showed up today to help where he could. His smile and sweet personality were appreciated for three hours when a homeless young man came through the door. The young man had only one shoe on and visibly needed much help. The supervisor asked us how we could get him some shoes? We’re a food bank....... no shoes....... it took a short time before Larry Whittington took off his shoes and gave them to the young man.......... Thank you to a real man, and child of God. Amazing.