Excuses - Fact or Fiction?

We need you.jpg

Many people have had some of the following thoughts when it comes to being asked to volunteer. If any of these have crossed your mind, you are not alone, but are they fact or fiction?

  • I’m not skilled or gifted.
  • I’m too old.
  • There are enough people to do everything.
  • That’s what we pay the staff to do.
  • I’m too young.
  • I used to serve.
  • I’m not needed.


If these are true, then why do I have a list of great ways we need your help to serve? God is calling us to do more and to give back. 

Just A Few of Our Current Openings - I have plenty more!

  • Picking up bulletins and trash from chairs in Sanctuary
  • Prayer Team; Call 4-6 people a week to remind them it’s their turn to serve on the come to church.
  • Worship ministry provides bottled water and granola bars to the team - once a month pick those up and drop them off when you come to the church. Cost reimbursed.
  • Bake goodies for the First Responder Rest Stop.
  • Straighten Bibles, Connection Cards and Giving Envelopes on the chairs.
  • Help plan and host Women’s Craft Days (no craft ability required).
  • Bring a snack for Hoopsters ministry.
  • Help at Prescott Elementary School with simple teacher support projects.
  • I will need some data entry help (online program, work from home on your own schedule).
  • Take photographs for our ministries and events.
  • The Harbor - help fix and serve a meal to the guys there and talk or play games.
  • Visit with the girlfriends and families Sunday nights at Hoopsters basketball.
  • Substitute helpers needed for the Kids Ministry.
  • Coffee Cart before services.
  • Food bank ministry.
  • Create a ministry scrapbook.
  • Stuff the bulletin.
  • Vacuum - lots of rooms to vacuum!

Lois Flores, Volunteer Coordinator