New Year, New Hat

Many people ring in a new year with joyful sounds of celebration and colorful party favors. Crossroads is ringing in 2018 with a new role for a veteran staffer. Lois Flores is now serving as our Volunteer Coordinator. 

You may know her from her 15 years working as an Administrative Ministry Assistant or as the Ministry Leader for the First Responder Rest Stop. It’s also entirely possible, and quite likely, that you’ve never met her as she is a bit on the shy, quiet and reserved side…until you get to know her. While Lois brings over three decades of administrative experience to this role, it’s really her passion for seeing people thrive while serving others that motivates her.


Hi everyone – let’s change this up from the formal 3rd person announcement and make it personal. To quote Joe Friday in Dragnet “Just the facts, ma’am” and here we go. My husband Tracy and I have been here since 2000 and have the most beautiful little fur-child and will happily bore you with dozens of pictures at your request or if you cannot outrun us. We have been married for 28 years and spent our 5th anniversary unloading the moving van that began our Portland chapter. My heart is overwhelmingly devoted to serving our first responders, primarily the police, and if you ask me a question I find it difficult to stop talking about this ministry so make sure your car isn’t running when you ask. While the beach is my happy place, I can never get too many road trips logged in, regardless of the direction. No to coffee, mushrooms, seafood and crowds. Yes to dogs, pie, the beach and super wonderful friends with deep and meaningful conversations. Avid photographer, creative yet organized, consistent reader and learner and a want-to-be adventurer.

Enough about me, let’s turn the focus to Crossroads and our remarkable volunteers. This will be a new weekly section so watch and see what’s happening. It will even have a really great name by the 21st – don’t forget to watch for that update. We are going to share a variety of information in this section and my hope is that it will encourage you to see God working through the people here and also connect you to this great and wonderful thing called volunteering. I’m really looking forward to an exciting year together, Crossroads family.

If you can’t wait, you can reach me at