Volunteering Outside The Box


Sometimes volunteering is answering the call when you hear about a need. But sometimes it stems from a passion you have so you find or create a way to turn that passion into acts of service. This is what Nancy Willamson has done with her gift of song-talking, what she describes as reciting Christian songs usually to background music tracks. 

Nancy's background was in theatre but when she made the decision to follow Christ she also chose to leave that world behind, due to the negative nature of plays and her environment. After hearing some of Carman's music, she ventured out to combine her love of theater with music and this new adventure began. 

While you may have seen her perform here during a special event or at the ladies Thursday Bible study, she spent several years serving God by song-talking His stories to women's shelters and even a Federal women's prison as well as serving annually at retreats and summer camps. Through this gift, she has taken God's love into the world and may never know how far that light reached.

Nancy has written out quite a wonderful testimony and I'm sure she would love to share it with you if you'd like to hear more, I simply don't have the space here. If you haven't met her, seek her out soon and say hello - she is a wonderful lady with an interesting story. Don't forget to thank her for serving God in her own personally unique way.

You may feel like your passions or gifts don't fit into the list of routine volunteer roles. I'd love to hear from you if you think you are called to volunteer differently, let's see what we can do.

Thank you Nancy for finding a path to service that wasn't already waiting for you. May you be an example for others.

Lois Flores