Crossroads Church


Thank you for your interest in the Lead Pastor position at Crossroads Church. We are providing the following document to help you determine if you are a good fit for our church. - Crossroads Elders            


History: It All Started With A Dream

Early Years:  According to the earliest records, we were born on January 25, 1911, and initially met at NE 79th and Glisan in the heart of Montavilla, then a suburb of Portland. By that summer, 60 names were on the church roll.

In 1935 an awakening came to the Montavilla congregation when ministers Walter Stram and A. Word, Sr. began creating new standards and goals, leading to growth.

New Challenges:  A two alarm fire hit the building on October 15, 1966, destroying much of the building, leaving only the auditorium and classrooms untouched. With thousands of contributed dollars and labor hours we were able to move into a 10,000 square foot church building 19 months later.

In 1972 under the leadership of Tom Burgess and his wife Esther, a growing trend began. The numerical growth did not come, however, until much spiritual maturing had been achieved. Soon the new building of six years was outgrown.

In 1976, Crossroads Christian School opened, sharing the same facility. Before closing in 2013, this ACSI member school had students enrolled from pre-k through 8th grade, and enjoyed a reputation for excelling in academics.

New Horizons: Property was purchased on NE 102nd in 1977, excavation began in 1978, and construction started the following year. Workers jumped in…week after week, month after month, until 11 months later, on December 2, 1979, we were in the building in a classroom-just barely, but we were in-all 232 of us! The auditorium had not been started and the gym had not been finished.

By April, 1980 the Gym was completed. Attendance grew tremendously and God laid it in our hearts to build a sanctuary that could seat 1000…and that we should do it debt free. And we did, with construction taking seven years to complete. We had our first service in the sanctuary on May 7, 1995.

In November of 2001 a ten-year master plan was approved by the city. The first phase was to construct a 5,000 square foot senior center and food bank. These ministries dedicated their new facility on September 8, 2002.

Current Happenings: Construction of Phase 2 began in 2010 – a 20,000 square foot Family Life Center, including an Early Childhood Center, two multi-use auditoriums, a science lab, computer lab, new library, conference room and education wing. Well over $1,500,000 had been contributed toward this construction, which was approximately half of what was needed to complete Phase 2. We decided to take advantage of a depressed construction market and complete the exterior of the Family Life Center in May 2011. Several factors, including the availability of funds, have led to a slow time frame on completing the interior of the Family Life Center and we are currently negotiating with the City of Portland to determine what needs to be completed to gain partial occupancy of the Early Childhood Center of the building in 2015.  

Leadership: A Board of Elders oversees the staff and ministries of the local congregation. They have chosen to defer the day-to-day operations of the church to the pastoral staff. Just as a shepherd protects the sheep, the Elders protect the staff and the congregation and maintain authority over the use of all church funds and significant administrative decisions. 

Our Lead Pastor resigned in July of 2012 and our Elder Board has stepped into this gap in a variety of ways during this interim. Their key focus includes supervising the administrative staff, overseeing the church ministries, and helping to guide the construction of our new building. Responsibilities have been distributed among them with one primarily preaching and handling non-administrative functions of a lead pastor. Another elder is supervising the staff, and serves as the church Administrator. Others have helped cover hospital visits, small groups, and a variety of congregational care.

Our Theology:
He is a spirit who has unoriginated, immutable, eternal, and self-sustained existence. There is one sovereign, omniscient, omnipotent, universal, just, and merciful God who created all things and who is actively concerned with the destiny of man.

Jesus Christ: He is God incarnate. He is the Word.  He is the promised Messiah of the Old Testament. He took the form of man and lived a life of perfection and died as a substitutionary sacrifice to satisfy justice and become an atonement and payment for man’s sins. He is raised from the dead and now sits on the throne at the right hand of the Father. He is coming again to judge mankind.

Holy Spirit: His is a distinct personality in the Godhead. He was an active part of creation and was an active, divine influence in the birth, life, baptism, death, resurrection, and miracles of Jesus. He operates in the world, the church, and in the individual believer. He was instrumental in the inspiration of the scriptures.  Jesus had The Spirit without measure and the apostles and those upon whom they laid their hands had a miraculous measure of the Holy Spirit, which established their credentials as spokesmen for God. Today we have the inspired Scriptures for our guidance, as well as the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

Redemption:  Man needs to be redeemed (delivered) from the guilt and eternal consequences of his sins. This redemption is the forgiveness and justification that was brought about through the atonement by Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection. This free gift of God’s grace is given to those who trust in Jesus Christ and manifest an obedient faith. Obedient believers are immersed into Jesus Christ. The redemptive process of salvation is called the New Birth:

Scripture and Inspiration: All scriptures in the Old and New Testament canon were written by men as moved by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the scriptures have divine authority for all things pertaining to our faith and godly living. Having divine authorship says that they are the living voice of God. They are infallible and inerrant as written by the inspired men God chose. By these scriptures all men will be judged for eternity.

Church: This is the company of believers called out of the world by Jesus into a body or family. The head of the church is Christ. Each church is governed locally and overseen by Elders. It is the Kingdom of God on earth, promised to be built by Jesus. Its purpose is to teach, train, edify, exhort, convict, and admonish its members, and share the Gospel with the world. Its divine structural and operational instructions are given in the New Testament.

Man’s Nature: Man is the highest of God’s creation on earth. All men have sinned and stand in need of redemption. All men will die because of Adam’s sin but remain eternally accountable for their sins alone. Forgiveness of those sins is available through Jesus’ sacrifice. Man’s flesh nature can be radically improved by the influence of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures and His indwelling of the individual.
Baptism: Baptism is an essential step of obedience in every disciple’s life. It is an expression of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism pictures our sins being washed away, our conscience being cleaned, our entrance into Christ’s Church, our receiving of the gift of the Holy Spirit, and our beginning of a new life.  Baptism is not a “work” of man to earn salvation, a magical ritual, or a graduation ceremony for those who have reached a higher level of Christian living.   It is an “initiation” into one’s new life in Christ. Every person who has believed in Christ, repented of their sins, and confessed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God is a candidate for baptism, and should do so as soon as possible after they have made their confession of faith. We believe Christians should be baptized by immersion. The word “baptize” means to dip under the water, and it best illustrates the burial and resurrection of Jesus.

The Lord’s Supper:  Jesus instructed his disciples to remember His death and resurrection. He gave the Church two visible ways to do this. One is baptism and the other is The Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper is an object lesson that represents great spiritual truths for believers. Scripture outlines the Lord’s Supper as a simple act, a reminder, a command, a symbol, and a statement of faith. We are reminded that it is only meaningful to believers and that we are to examine ourselves prior to participating. We best prepare ourselves for the Lord’s Supper by self-examination, confessing our sins, recommitment, and restoring relationships. No command is given in scripture concerning the number of times Christians should partake of The Lord’s Supper, but the Early Church did partake of it on Sunday, so for this reason we also partake of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday.

General Information:  
Address: 2505 NE 102nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97220
Phone Number: 503.257.9193

From Interstate 205 North: exit at Sandy Blvd. and turn right, stay in the right lane, and then turn right on NE 102nd Avenue. Continue south to reach Crossroads Church on your right.

From Interstate 205 South:  exit at Sandy Blvd. and turn right.  Continue straight to NE 102nd Avenue and turn right. Continue south to reach Crossroads Church on your right.

Facilities: Crossroads enjoys the use of excellent facilities. Our sanctuary provides a wonderful venue for our worship services. The sanctuary is set up in a 180-degree curved format, with a full balcony. Seating capacity is approximately 850. The large platform allows the speaker to have freedom to make contact with the entire audience. A central baptistery is located on the back wall, approximately 20’ above the level of the platform. Separate dressing rooms are available for men and women. A professional A/V and sound system allow for an excellent presence in our worship services. The foyer of Crossroads Church provides 5 entrances into the sanctuary. A coffee bar, bathrooms, a communion room, Prayer Chapel, and 4 offices have immediate access off the foyer. Additional offices and access to the main church office is located behind the sanctuary.

An education wing currently houses our nursery and classes for all ages and a full gymnasium enhances our opportunities for multiple church activities and outside events during the nights and weekends. A commercial kitchen, next to the gymnasium, serves the church. A playground is adjacent to the outside exit of the education wing.

A separate Senior Center/Conference Center is located on the south side of our parking lot. The downstairs portion of this building houses our food bank, while the upstairs serves as a general meeting room for a variety of ministry and community events. In addition, an upstairs office now serves as a First Responders Rest Stop for local police officials.
Ample parking is located on both sides of the building. There are three driveways that provide access from the street, and a pass through that connects the parking lots.  

Worship Services:  Crossroads Church currently offers one Sunday morning worship service. Our 10 am service features a blend of traditional and contemporary musical styles. Our service features a full worship team, which normally includes a small vocalist team and a band which may include drums, guitar, keyboard, congas, piano, and electric keyboard. The use of Media Shout audio visuals enhances both the music and sermon presentations with moving visual backgrounds and slide presentations.

At 9:00 am each Sunday we offer a series of Christian education classes for high school and adults. 

Wednesday evenings also provide adult, youth and children’s classes. An optional, low cost, weekly meal is prepared each Wednesday for families wishing to participate.  

Financial Stewardship: The principles of Christian stewardship are taught through all age levels at Crossroads. We do not normally pass an offering plate, but boxes are provided by the doors at the exit of the Sanctuary for collection of God’s tithes and our offerings. A stewardship emphasis is usually presented in the form of a short sermon series once a year. In addition, members and friends at Crossroads are encouraged to participate in a number of opportunities to invest their resources in missions and local collaborative ministry efforts on a regular basis.
An annual budget is prepared and reviewed by the Board of Elders each year, with submissions from all church ministries. The proposed budget is presented to the congregation each January for approval.

Demographics: Though Crossroads is 100 years old we have been able to maintain a vital, healthy congregation representative of the greater Portland area. We are not as racially diverse as we would like to be, especially with regard to the growing Hispanic and Asian populations in the local area, but there are families in our congregation from many racial, social, and economic groups.  We have a solid adult population of all ages, but we are making a conscious effort to put more emphasis on reaching and ministering to the 25-45 year olds and their families.

Our Purpose:
There is no correlation between the size and strength of a church. God has called us to build a spiritually healthy church. Health produces growth. There is more than one way to grow a church, but it must always be based on Biblical principles, though methods may vary. If a principle is Biblical, we will use it. We will not confuse the method with the message. The Message of Jesus must never change, but methods will change.

All Leaders must be learners.  When we stop learning, we stop leading. The single biggest issue of the new millennium is not church growth, but church health. The key to church health is balance. Balance comes from understanding the Biblical purpose of the church, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21)

To define the Purpose of the church we ask four questions:  

(1) What did Jesus do in His Ministry?
(2) What are the Bible images of the church?
(3) How does the Bible describe the New Testament churches?
(4) What are the commands Christ gives us to do?

God has called us to a Great Commitment and the Great Commission in order to grow a Great Church.  This defines five purposes:

“Love God with all your heart” - Worship
“Love your neighbor as yourself” – Ministry
“Go…make disciples” – Evangelism
“Love each other as brothers and sisters” – Fellowship
“Teach them to do” – Discipleship

Ministries: Our desire is that every person attending Crossroads Church truly connects with God and each other. Our ministry teams are here to help individuals and families find that connection.

Worship: Our Worship ministry works hard to incorporate a variety of musical instruments and styles into our worship experience. Sound, lighting, music, and staging all become a part of what we use to lead the congregation in worship.

Small Groups: This is an area of particular emphasis as we move forward. The goal of this team is simply to make sure everyone is “noticed," has opportunities to study the bible and be prayed for on a regular basis.  We are in the midst of a renewed effort to organize and expand our Small Groups program to get more people involved with others for these times of sharing, study, prayer, and encouragement.

Adult Spiritual Formation: There are a variety of classes and small groups for adult believers to encourage discipleship, service, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Our Crossroads 101, 201, and 301 classes offer instruction on our church history, beliefs, spiritual disciplines, and each believer’s SHAPE (Spiritual Gift, Heart/Passion, Aptitude, Personality and Experience).

Student Ministry: The ministry helps students discover what it means to follow Jesus during this time in their lives. We offer programs that provide Bible study and skill sets for applying what they have learned to the current world culture and events. The ministry focuses on high school and middle school individuals. There are weekly programs, special events, and regular service projects.

Children’s Ministry: Primarily functioning on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, this ministry features Biblical instruction and learning activities for children of all ages. This includes a full nursery, pre-k, and elementary programs with worship experiences, classes, and activities. Annual activities include VBS and camps.

Women’s Ministry: The ladies continue to find ways to both serve the Body and reach out to others with retreats and small groups that draw the ladies together in a deeper way. Other activities such as a ladies teas, scrapbooking, movie nights, and a knitting group allow women many opportunities to grow closer. 

Men’s Ministry:  Currently men are meeting on Monday nights for Bible Study. Heavenly Hot Rods is a group of men that meet on Saturdays to build hot rods while providing an opportunity for fellowship, prayer, and being supportive of each other. There are also other activities and events throughout the year such as BBQ’s that are planned.

Senior Ministry: There are weekly, well-attended Senior’s Bible Study groups for men and women every Thursday morning. Monthly trips to local sites and attractions, along with other various social events, provide a great opportunity for our seniors to get to know each other.

Crossroads Food Bank: One of the largest food bank programs in the metro area, the Crossroads Cupboard is manned by 40 people and always looking for more volunteers. The ministry is responsible for distributing approximately 20,000 pounds of food monthly which include produce, meat, frozen foods, cans, and baked goods.

Police Rest Stop:  The Police Rest Stop was created to bridge our community with those sworn to protect and serve by hosting a safe place of renewal for the officers.

Crossroad Hoopsters: This is a ministry to young people in the community through the sport of basketball. Hoopsters provides mentoring, life skills, GED preparation and assistance in filling out job applications and developing a resume.

India Mission: We have a long-standing relationship with John Gabriel and his work in southern India. The work consists of Crossroads English School (with over 2,000 students), the ministry of over 30 churches, and two orphanages. Currently we provide financial support and clerical support for the ministry's newsletter.

Transform African Ministries: We have a close relationship with Alex Mutagubya in Uganda. Alex was ordained by Crossroads and we worked with him financially to establish a church in the community of Uganda. We continue to provide financial support to this ministry.

Our Staff:  
Senior Pastor                                      Currently recruiting
Youth Pastor                                       Joe Pfeiffer
Director of Musical Worship            Barry Andrews
Director of Children’s Ministry         Hannah Keo
Communication Director                  Brad Repsold
Ministry Assistant                               Lois Flores
Office Manager                                   Linda Garrison
Bookkeeper                                         Carol Bash
Nursery Coordinator                          Susan Autry
Facilities Maintenance                       Matt Heise
Custodial                                              Maria Heise

Dave Aho (Chairman)                   Chris Repsold
Jerry Wilson (Secretary)                Joe Toedtemeier
Jim Watkins (Treasurer)                Ron Hamilton
Ron Edson (Vice Chairman)