Local: Embrace Oregon

Currently there are approximately 8700 Oregon children in foster care. Children living in foster care may be infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade school age, or teenagers.

Foster children come to the attention of DHS in a variety of ways. Friends, neighbors, or relatives may report that a family does not appear to be giving adequate care to their children resulting in unsafe conditions. Physicians, nurses, teachers, school administrators, social workers, and foster parents are required by law to report any situations in which children are in need of protection.

In 2011, Jillana Goble, a foster and adoptive mom in Portland had an idea to demonstrate hospitality to children during the most vulnerable time in their life—when they were first taken from their biological family and sitting in a child welfare office awaiting a foster placement. She founded Embrace Oregon to partner with churches and the community to provide welcome boxes for children being brought into the foster care system.

The majority of children coming into foster care must wait in a Child Welfare office for at least two hours while a social worker tries to find them a suitable placement. As you can imagine this is a time of high anxiety for kids.

The idea of a welcome box is simple: while the child waits in the office, a social worker gives them a box of age-appropriate items to occupy their time. They will take this box with them into their new foster home.

Our desire is to provide Embrace Oregon with at least 100 welcome boxes. If you would like to participate in this by purchasing the items and assembling a box please pick up a Welcome Box Kit at the Welcome Center in the lobby after the service. There are instructions on what to buy for the box. Once your box is completed, please bring it back to the church by Sunday, December 18th and we will deliver them to Embrace Oregon.

For more information on Embrace Oregon please visit www.embraceoregon.org


Global: Hope Of The Nations / Tanzania - Water Well

Hope of the Nations was founded by Harold and Coni Knepper in 2006, but today the non-profit is much bigger than just the two of them. Serving alongside seven other integral Westerners in the ministry, the objective has always remained to be able to raise up national staff who see the need for Jesus in this region - locals teaching locals.

They have several areas of focus:
 - Their mission is to raise up a generation of young people who are firmly grounded in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and who have received the best education possible. They currently have a Pre-school/Primary school and a Bible College.

Kid’s Clubs - An outreach program to provide a meal for children who are living on the street and to share the gospel with them.

Micro-Business - Training has included sewing, baking, jewelry making, chicken farming, and welding.

One of the big challenges facing the community is a lack of clean drinking water. Many people have to walk a great distance to get their water from Lake Tanganyika. Access to a well with clean water would change the lives of the people in the community.

This Christmas our goal at Crossroads is to raise $4000 of the $12,000 needed for the construction of the well. If you would like to donate to this project please write “Tanzania Well” on your giving envelope on Sunday morning with the amount of the gift or you can give on-line. Please select Christmas Fundraiser - Global Focus.